To facilitate the gastrointestinal
tract to absorb all kinds of food

For vegeterians

Based on enzymes of plant origin
LACTASE Enzyme dedicated to the breakdown of lactose
LIPASE Improves the functioning of gallbladder, splits the lipids also those naturally present in many dairy products and increases fat use
AMILASE Splits carbohydrates such as starch and glycogen, but also part of the polysaccharides
PROTEASE Enzyme dedicated to splitting protein component
CELLULASE Able to split the fibers and cellulose
GLUCOAMYLASE Enzymatic component dedicated to decomposition carbohydrates and in particular polysaccharides (long carbohydrate chain)
PEPTINASE It turns out to be very effective in breaking down the Pectin

An exclusive enzymatic blend…

Food supplement made from a special high efficiency standardized mixture and with a
wide range of digestive enzymes. These enzymes are products of the exogenous fermentation
of maltodextrins through aspergyllus mushrooms, which are then eliminated
through a special purification process developed in 1932 by dr. E.Howell, a pioneer in the
study of food enzymes. What makes exceptional our enzymes derived from fermented
maltodextrin, is a series of qualities that puts them at part from other types of enzymes.

with three valid allies

BACILLUS COAGULANS: it’s a safe and effective probiotic that survives the acidic pH of the stomach and reaches the small intestine without losing its beneficial properties. Its task is to increase and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora, and hinder the proliferation of the bad one.

INULINA: it is a vegetable fiber that increases the amount of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the intestine, useful for regularizing the transit. It helps to restore the intestinal flora.

CARLINA ACAULIS: is the Latin name of the wild artichoke. The part used is the root and is used to promote the elimination of intestinal gas and to help the digestive function.

Provìda® Triple Action,
30 capsules, 500 mg
NTI10003 925596847 8052432430025 16,90 10%
Provìda® Triple Action,
60 capsules, 500 mg
PRI10001 970261816 8052432435006 28,00 10%