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All products of the line Provida ® are made with the utmost attention to quality of ingredients and production processes. All the manufacturing sites, both Italian and US, operate under strict quality regime of  Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and have been inspected and controlled by independent third parties. The qualification of our suppliers for the  delivering  of the finished product and  every step in our process are  monitored and documented with full traceability. In addition to our facilities we maintain an Advisory Board, which helps us to monitor and implement the latest developments in enzyme industry. The Council includes leading doctors, naturopathic doctors, pharmacists and researchers.

Our quality department is responsible for the following areas:
✔ Company: Training in order to follow the signs of the GMP standard for all staff. This means that people who work in our production areas are trained and qualified. Test post- GMP are given to ensure the effectiveness of training. All of our procedures and documentation are constantly updated. Internal audits are conducted on a quarterly basis to monitor our operations.
✔ Outside: The quality department oversees and facilitates all regulatory inspections and audits at all our regular suppliers. The quality department also establishes our suppliers’ list, approved by verifying their ability to consistently deliver high-quality raw materials.

The quality control department performs all tests and inspections related to the approval and release of all incoming raw materials, as well as all outgoing finished products. A complete laboratory at the production site is able to determine for each lot the following parameters:

(Purity and safety guarantee)
– E. Coli
(Consistency and accuracy guarantee)
– Infrared Spectroscopy
– ATP screening
During production, the step of encapsulation takes place underconditions of:
– Lactic acid bacteria
  Fourier transform (FTIR)
– Humidity Level
– Removing dust
– Moulds
– Microscopic analysis
– pH Determination
– Filtered air (5 microns)
– Total count for aerobic plate
 – Test organoleptic – Dimensions powder particles
– Ventilation in positive pressure
– Total coliforms
  – Stability studies
– Control of temperature and humidity
– Yeasts